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2022 Dog License

Available at the Dog License Counter

License are available for Mercer County Residence.

For the 2021 year which runs from January 1 - December 31.

All Dogs 3 months of age or older must get a license.

If you are on Disability you only have to fill out 1 affidavit

*The person on disability MUST sign their own affidavit!!

Regular Fees

$9.00 Unfixed

$7.00 Fixed

Senior (65 years or older) / Disability Fees

$7.00 Unfixed

$5.00 Fixed

Why 50 cents more than the application says? We get 50 cents for each dog license we do.

** If you use your Credit/Debit Card to pay, there will be an Extra 50 cents fee if you do not purchase anything else over $5.00.

If you do your license on line or go to the Court House they will charge you $1.50 to use your card.

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